Third Workshop
Statistical Analysis of Neuronal Data

May 12-13, 2006
with short courses May 11
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA

Short Courses

Studies of the neural basis of behavior typically use time-varying stimuli and produce time-varying neuronal responses. Statistically, the setting involves both continuous multiple time series and inhomogeneous point processes, sometimes dozens or hundreds of them observed simultaneously. There are many challenging analytical issues, including that of combining information obtained from multiple modalities (EEG, fMRI, MEG, and extracellular recordings). This workshop series aims to
  • define important problems in neuronal data analysis and useful strategies for attacking them;
  • foster communication between experimental neuroscientists and those trained in statistical and computational methods
  • encourage young researchers, including graduate students, to present their work;
  • expose young researchers to important challenges and opportunities in this interdisciplinary domain, while providing a small meeting atmosphere to facilitate the interaction of young researchers with senior colleagues.

Some travel funds are likely to be available. Participants are encouraged to present posters, and submit papers, reporting research involving new methodology, investigation of existing methods, or application of state-of-the-art analytical techniques. We expect papers to be published in a special issue of "Statistics in Medicine."

Invited speakers and participants include

  • Bruno Averbeck (Rochester)
  • Steve Bressler (Florida Atlantic)
  • Emery Brown (Harvard Medical School/MIT)
  • Elizabeth Buffalo (Emory)
  • Zhiyi Chi (Connecticut)
  • Yang Dan (Berkeley)
  • Uri Eden (Harvard)
  • Loren Frank (UCSF)
  • Stuart Geman (Brown)
  • Apostolos Georgopoulos (Minnesota)
  • Hiroyuki Ito (Kyoto Sangyo)
  • Rob Kass (Carnegie Mellon)
  • Mark Laubach (Yale)
  • Sri Nagarajan (UCSF)
  • Sheila Nirenberg (Cornell)
  • Liam Paninski (Columbia)
  • Patrick Purdon (MGH)
  • Fabio Rigat (Eurandom)
  • Andrew Schwartz (Pittsburgh)
  • Tatyana Sharpee (UCSF)
  • Shigeru Shinomoto (Kyoto)
  • Wendy Suzuki (NYU)
  • Jonathan Victor (Cornell)
  • Bin Yu (Berkeley)

Short Courses, May 11:

Morning: An overview of statistical methods for neuroscience
Afternoon: Problems in neurophysiology, for quantitative analysts

Welcome Mixer, May 11:

7:30 - 9:30 Forbes B Ballroom, Wyndham Gardens Hotel
Please join us for cocktails, light refreshments, and an opportunity
to mingle with your colleagues.

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