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Posters will be presented at the William Pitt Union Kurtzman Room on Friday, May 21, from 4:30-6:30. If you plan to present a poster, you should use some time during Friday's lunch break to set it up. We will provide the poster boards (5'8" wide x 3'8" high), tacks and binder clips. If you have any questions please address them to Barb Dorney (dorney at
Poster abstracts received to date:
  1. Adhikari, Bhim -- Brain activity and network in self-generated and externally driven metronome rhythms
  2. Adrian, Daniel -- Time series models for computing activation in fMRI
  3. Avitan, Lilach -- Resolving the dynamics of EEG generators by multichannel recordings
  4. Brigham, Marco -- Neuronal dynamics in somatosensory cortex in rats after stroke
  5. Chen, Wenjie -- Hemodynamic response function modeling in fMRI
  6. Chen, Zhe -- Assessing functional connectivity of neuronal ensembles with sparse spiking data
  7. Cohen, Michael -- Application of compressed sampling to restoration of multifiber recordings with high levels of background noise
  8. Cromwell, Jeff -- Cointegration analysis in the frequency domain for fMRI data
  9. de Almeida, Licurgo -- Entorhinal cortex has a working-memory mode and a predictive mode
  10. Dimitrov, Alexander -- Dimensionality reduction for discrimination: Removal fo common structures with ISTAC
  11. DiStasio, Marcello -- Linking action and perception in the mammalian thalamus
  12. Fairley, J. -- Polysomnogram artifacts: Removal and Compensation
  13. Greenberg, Adam -- Pattern classification of fMRI data on the cortical surface
  14. Hochman, Daryl -- Dynamic linear model analysis of optical imaging data acquired from the human neocortex
  15. Homayoun, Houman -- Neuronal correlates of set-shifting in medial prefrontal cortex: Impariment by NMDA receptor antagonist and reversal by antipsychotic agents
  16. Ikeda, Shigeyuki -- Less ECoG electrodes discriminate words in mind better
  17. Jun, J. James -- Causal state modeling on the EOD pulse rate of weakly electric fish
  18. Kanwal, J.S. -- Call-specificity of spiking patterns within single unit responses in the lateral amygdala
  19. Kao, Ming-Hung -- Multi-objective fMRI designs with unequal epoch lengths via an Hybrid NSGA-II
  20. Killian, Nathan -- The time-course of gamma-band synchronization across layers of the macaque entorhinal cortex affects the strength of memory formation
  21. Ko, D. -- Detection of bursts and pauses in extracellular spike trains
  22. Kubanek, J. -- LIP neurons specialize in oculomotor value-based decision-making
  23. Lamichhane, Bidhan -- Brain activity and network in economic decision-making
  24. Lawhern, Vernon -- Target-included decoding in the motor cortex
  25. Lee, S. -- Independent component analysis for colored sources with application to functional magnetic resonance imaging
  26. Naud, Richard -- Spike-timing prediction in a neuron model with active dendrites
  27. Nestor, Adrian -- Neurally-derived representations for face detection
  28. Neymotin, Samuel -- Interictal EEG discoordination in a rat seizure model
  29. Okatan, Murat -- Using the Kalman smoother to estimate position, velocity, and acceleration processes from fixed-interval position recordings of rats performing behavioral tasks
  30. O'Neill, Pia-Kelsey -- Mediation of theta frequency synchrony between dorsal hippocampus and prefrontal cortex by ventral hippocampus during working memory.
  31. Paiva, Antonio -- Which measure should we use for unsupervised spike train learning?
  32. Park, Choongseok -- Detection of fine temporal structure in intermittently synchronous oscillatory neural activity
  33. Pawlas, Zbynek -- Spike trains observed in short time windows
  34. Ramirez, Alex -- Decoding Birdsong from Auditory Midbrain Neurons
  35. Reimers, Mark -- Novel accurate methods for identifying and compensating artifacts in fMRI
  36. Sadeghi, Kolia -- Inferring retinal cone locations and functional connectivity from multiple ganglion cell recordings
  37. Shimokawa, Takeaki -- The set of ISI metrics diagonalizing the Fisher information matrix
  38. Stamoulis, C. -- Decoupling multipath propagation of epileptic seizures from electroencephalographic signals
  39. Tripathy, Shreejoy -- Using GLM neurons as a generative model to study the computational role of neuronal heterogeneity
  40. Valley, Matthew -- Spatio-temporal descriptions of gamma oscillations in the mouse oflfactory bulb
  41. Xing, Dajun -- Frequency dependence of the spatial spread of the local field potential
  42. Yu, Tao --Spatial Shrinkage Estimation of Diffusion Tensors on Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data