Sand5 Schedule



SCHEDULE, May 20-22
Thursday, May 20, 2010

Session 1:

Lawrence Hall 120


Keynote Lecture: Mriganka Sur
3 short talks:
Sarah Feldt
Wasim Malik
Michael Vidne
   break (approximately 2:45)
Keynote Lecture: Jack Gallant (approximately 3:15)
3 short talks:
Yuval Benjamini
Remus Osan
Jan Potworowski
Dinner on your own. ( A list of nearby restaurants can be found here)
Informal Discussion over Dessert - Schenley Room I-III, Holiday Inn

Friday, May 21, 2010

Session 2:

Lawrence Hall 120


Keynote Lecture: Garrett Stanley
3 short talks:
Steven Chase
Mengyuan Zhao
Daniel Polhamus
   break (approximately 10:30)
Keynote Lecture: Tirin Moore (approximately 10:50)
1 short talk:
Wei Wu
Lunch - on your own. (A list of nearby restaurants can be found here.)

Session 3:

Lawrence Hall 120


Keynote Lecture: Partha Mitra
2 short talks:
Barani Raman
Kanaka Rajan
   break (approximately 3:00)
Keynote Lecture: Walt Schneider (approximately 3:15)
1 short talk:
Ian Stevenson
Poster Session in William Pitt Union Kurtzman Room
Dinner at William Pitt Union Ballroom
Poster Session Continues

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Session 4:

Lawrence Hall 120

NOTE: Session will begin at 9:30

Keynote Lecture: Clay Reid CANCELED
3 short talks:
Todd Coleman
Robert Haslinger
Jianing Shi
   break (approximately 10:45)
2 short talks: (approximately 11:05)
Keith Bush
Catherine Stamoulis CANCELED
NEW Dennis Glanzman and Yuan Liu< will discuss opportunities at NIHbr>
Lunch - on your own. ( A list of nearby restaurants can be found here.)

Session 5:

Lawrence Hall 120


Panel Discussion on Synchrony Detection: Where are We?
Stuart Geman
Sonja Gruen
Matthew Smith
NEW Dr. Yuan Liu - Workshop on the grant process.