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Posters will be presented at the O'Hara Student Center Dining Room at the University of Pittsburgh on Friday, June 1, from 5:00-6:00 and 7:30-9:00 p.m. If you plan to present a poster, you should use some time during Friday's lunch break to set it up. We will provide the poster boards (Posters measure 72" x 48"), tacks and binder clips. If you have any questions please address them to Barb Dorney (dorney at
Poster abstracts (listed by corresponding author) received to date:
  1. Sara Aton Cellular and network mechanisms for sleep-dependent plasticity in the visual cortex
  2. Behtash Babadi A Fast Iterative Greedy Algorithm for MEG/EEG Source Localization
  3. Sahil Bajaj Effective Connectivity in Easy and Difficult Perceptual Decisions
  4. W.E. Bishop Long-term Decoding Stability without Retraining for IntracorticalBrain Computer Interfaces
  5. Yi Chai Analysis of neuronal functional connectivity using penalized GLM models
  6. Ganesh Chand Spectral factorization based current source density analysis of ongoing neural oscillations
  7. Yun-Nung Chen Towards Using EEG to Improve ASR Accuracy
  8. Zhe Chen Uncovering spatial topology represented by rat hippocampal population neuronal codes
  9. N.M. Dotson Spatial phase relationships in the fronto-parietal network during visual working memory
  10. Alona Fyshe Hierarchical latent dictionaries for models of brain activation
  11. Felipe Gerhard Can network structures be derived from calcium imaging data? - A simulation study
  12. Vadas Gintautas Identification of functional information subgraphs in complex networks
  13. Georg M. Goerg Automated pattern recognition in fMRI data using optimal nonparametric local forecasts
  14. Andew M. Goldfine EEG-correlates of zolpidem-responsive tremor
  15. A.M. Gonzallez-Montoro Synchrony Measure for Spontaneous Low Firing Rate Spike Trains and Bootstrap Based Hypothesis Testing
  16. Haley Hedlin Estimation issues in modelling stimulus response from optical imaging data
  17. Mark Homer Detecting neural signal nonstationarities in intracortical brain computer interfaces using a model selection method
  18. Bingxing Huo A Linear Model Predicting The Cerebral Blood Volume Responses to Locomotion
  19. M. Muge Karaman Incorporating Relaxivities to More Accurately Reconstruct Magnetic Resonance Images
  20. Hideaki Kim Estimation of Time-varying Inputs from a Single Spike Train
  21. Namhee Kim Temporal Filtering Procedure for fMRI data
  22. Konrad Kording A data sharing project called Collaborative Database for Reaching Experiments
  23. Thomas Kreuz Measuring real-time synchronization in neuronal spike trains
  24. Bidhan Lamichhane Modulation of Brain Activity By Task Difficulty in Perceptual Decision-Making
  25. Eunjeong Lee Trade-off between attention demanding and automatic processes in frontal-striatal circuits in non-human primates
  26. Daniel D. Leeds Uncovering the visual components of cortical object representation
  27. Kyle Q. Lepage Inferring evoked brain connectivity through adaptive perturbation
  28. Tiphani Lynn Detection and Characterization of Gamma Oscillations Evoked by Dynamic Natural Scenes in Macaque Visual Cortex
  29. Valerie Poyner Bayesian nonparametric analysis of neuronal intensity rates
  30. Sagi Perel Methods for detection of functional connectivity between cortex and muscles
  31. Alexey Pupyshev Discrete-state dynamical model based neurofeedb ack for BCI
  32. Mark Reimers Validity of Independent Component Analysis for Neural Signals
  33. Robert Rosenbaum Short term synaptic depression imposes a frequency dependent filter on synaptic information transfer
  34. Manisha Sapre Reviewing therapeutic implications of nutraceuticals on drug conflicts associated with brain cancers using bioinformatics approach
  35. Toshiaki Shintani Detection limit for rate fluctuations in a spike train
  36. Adam C. Snyder Using blind source separation to improve statistical power for EEG analysis
  37. Andrew Sorenborger Mean, covariance and variance in neural processes: A new causal decomposiiton for multivarite data
  38. Emily Stephen Fitting dynamic models to extracellular recordings in mouse cortex during optogenetic stimulation
  39. Ian Stevenson Towards parametric models of V1 responses to natural movies
  40. Lucas Tan Using a Low-cost EEG Sensor to Detect Mental States
  41. Sonia Todorova Simple automatic spike sorting methods improve decoding accuracy in a 3D movement task
  42. Shreejoy J. Tripathy Predicting the physiology of diverse neuron types using differences in gene expression
  43. Richard Watson Feedback inhibition induces memory in a simple neural model circuit"
  44. Bronwyn Woods Spurious Correlations in Two-Photon Calcium Imaging
  45. Farid Yaghouby Experimental and Computational Analysis of Mouse Sleep-Wake Dynamics
  46. Hang Yu Inferring Brain Networks through Graphical Models with Hidden Variables
  47. Yin Zhang Bayesian learning in assisted brain-computer interface tasks
  48. Hongxiao Zhu Bayesian graphical models for multivariate functional data
  49. Shinsuke Koyama Information transmission using non-Poisson regular firing