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Posters will be presented at the University Club (123 University Place) at the University of Pittsburgh on Thursday, June 1st, before and after dinner (approx. 5:30--9:30 p.m.) Set up for posters will be at 4:30. We will provide the poster boards (boards measure 72" x 48"), tacks and binder clips. If you have any questions please address them to Barb Dorney (dorney at Printable list of poster abstracts available here.
  1. Abbasi Asl, Reza - Deep Nets Meet Real Neurons: Pattern Selectivity in V4
  2. Aksenov, Alexandre - Group-wise feature selection using L1- and L0 Penalized N-way PLS in Brain Computer Interface study
  3. Ashmankamachali, Maboudi - Identifying memory-related temporal structures of neural data during rest periods using Hidden Markov Models
  4. Bar-gad, Izhar - Invariant statistical modeling of neuronal
  5. Bonner, Mick - Coding of navigational affordances in the human visual system
  6. Brodbeck, Christian - Neural source dynamics of brain responses to continuous stimuli with MEG: speech processing from acoustics to comprehension
  7. Bruett, Heather - Measure for measuring synchrony in the processing of visual information
  8. Carlos, Brandon - Testing a new method for assessing hemispheric lateralization using multi-voxel pattern analysis
  9. Fujita, Kazuki - Inferring the origin of nonstationary fluctuation in event occurrences
  10. Gerhard, Felipe - All-optical electrophysiology for neuroscience drug discovery
  11. Glaser, Joshua - Machine learning tools for neural decoding
  12. Greene, Patrick - A Bayesian approach to probabilistic spike detection and sorting
  13. Lisenbardt, David - Population encoding of the 'intent' to drink alcohol
  14. Morina, Rudina - Relationship between pairwise correlation and dimensionality reduction
  15. Mukherjee, Narendra - Taste-related cortical population dynamics are stochastic and behaviorally-relevant
  16. Narayan, Manjari - Statistical Methods to Investigate Interventional Changes to Interaction Networks
  17. Oswal, Urvashi - Representational Similarity Learning with Application to Brain Networks
  18. Sadagopan, Srivatsun - Optimal features for auditory recognition
  19. Silva Simoes, Lucas - Mean Field Studies of a Society of Bayesian Agents
  20. Timme, Nicholas - Improvements to information theory analysis techniques throughout neuroscience with MATLAB support
  21. Venkatesh, Praveen - Fundamental limits, algorithms, and instrumentation for novel non-invasive and minimally-invasive "ultra-resolution" EEG systems
  22. Vinci, Giuseppe - Adjusted Regularization of Cortical Covariance
  23. Williams-Garcia, Rashid - Unveiling the causal structure of living neural networks
  24. Zhang, Lijun - Dimensionality reduction schemes for understanding inter-trial neural response variations and their role in sensory coding
  25. Zhang, Qiong - Inter-Subject Alignment of MEG Datasets in a Common Representational Space