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If you receive financial support from the workshop: The $150 registration fee will be reimbursed. This will be charged to your credit card and then reimbursed to you after the conference. You should not include this in your calculation of funds needed. We will make every effort to provide the ``Total Funding Request,'' but please also indicate the ``Minimum Funding Request'' - the minimum support you can accept and be able to attend the conference. By entering a low number for minimum support required you will allow more people to attend (especially junior people who may not have much travel money).

NOTE: The deadline for receiving support was March 25th, but some additional travel funds may be available. If you would like to request support please email your Total Funding Request and Minimum Funding Request to heidi @ Preference will be given to those who registered prior to March 25th, but we will try to fund as many attendees as possible.
If you are faculty, staff or student at either Carnegie Mellon University or the University of Pittsburgh: Please register for the conference and enter credit card information. If you are a no-show your card will be charged $50.00. You may cancel your registration, without penalty, on or before May 10th. You must also provide the personal information requested. The information will be used to provide aggregate statistics to the Federal sponsors funding the workshop.